LREC/ZREC Program Information and Documents

LREC/ZREC program questions and requests to be added to UI’s LREC/ZREC email distribution should be submitted to  Program documents are located at the bottom of this page.

Approval to Energize

Interconnection and metering are handled separately from the LREC/ZREC procurement process. The UI website has a section on distributed generation to assist bidders in preparing their applications for interconnection. LREC/ZREC Projects must receive an Approval to Energize Letter one year from the Delivery Term Start Date of the contract, or the contract will terminate.

Interconnection applications and questions regarding the interconnection of LREC and ZREC projects should be submitted to

If a Project is approaching the one year deadline from the Delivery Term Start Date and may not be able to get an Approval to Energize letter on time, the contract can submit a Six Month Extension Request, provided that an additional payment of the contract's Performance Assurance is sent to UI on or before the day before Termination. For example, a Project that has a DTSD of 4/1/2021 may end up terminating early on 4/1/2022 if it has not received Approval to Energize from UI. In this situation, the Project can send via ACH/Wire additional Performance Assurance to extend their Approval to Energize deadline by six months to 10/1/2022. This extension does not modify the time period of the Standard Contract, however. The same project will remain valid only until 4/1/2036, when the contract ends. See documents below for more details.

Request REC Meter Job

In order to have a REC Meter Installed at your accepted LREC/ZREC Project Site, please complete and return one of the following forms to the relevant email address.

Please refer to the Metering requirements for LREC/ZREC for more information

Application for Connecticut Class I Certification

The seller is responsible for certification as a Class I renewable resource with the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). The generator must be registered with NEPOOL GIS, and the Seller must seek certification from PURA.

The Seller is responsible for registering with NEPOOL GIS and establishing a “Forward Certificate Transfer” to deliver RECs to the Company for the lifetime of the contract. UI's NEPOOL GIS account Name is UI LRECZREC.

All NEPOOL GIS activity related to the project is the responsibility of the Seller.

Setting up a Forward Certificate Transfer in NEPOOL GIS

Once a Project has Approval to Energize, a REC Meter Installed, and has been given PURA Class I Approval, the Project must send a Forward Certificate Transfer via NEPOOL GIS to the UILRECZREC account for the lifetime of the contract. See instructions below for more information.

  • Go to Asset Management > Create Forward Certificate

Enter the below information into the Forward Certificate

  • Forward Certificate Name/Alias Field
    • Enter a short name of the Project which can include the Seller's name, Project Name, or other identifying characteristics
  • Receiving Account Holder
    • Enter UI LREC ZREC
  • Begin Vintage
    • Either the PURA Approval Date or the DTSD
      • If the PURA Approval date is before the DTSD, then the DTSD should be used.
      • If the DTSD is before the PURA Approval date, then the PURA Approval date should be used.
      • If both dates are no longer available, use earliest date available
  • End Vintage
    • The month before the Termination date of the contract
      • If the contract terminates 10/1/2035, the End Vintage month (last month we will receive RECs) is 9/2035
  • Priority
    • Not Required
  • All Or Nothing
    • Must be Checked
  • Partial Fill
    • Do Not Check
  • Note/Transferee
    • Not a Necessary Field but you can put additional identifying characteristics of the Project in this

Select the Unit underneath the above fields that you would like to create a FCT for

  • Under Monthly Percentage
    • Make sure to put 100
  • Do not enter anything for Monthly Fixed Amount

Do not select the box at the bottom, then click Save

Vendor Setup for REC Payments 

Once an LREC or ZREC project meets all of the requirements for REC delivery acceptance, the seller must provide:

New project payments will no longer be set up via check method. ACH or Wire Payment Only

The seller must submit these documents to or to to be set up for payments. Sellers cannot be paid for RECs until these forms are completed and submitted. Please include 'LREC/ZREC Vendor Setup' and list the contract number (ZSXXXX/ZLXXXX/ZMXXXX/LLXXXX) in the subject line of the email.

REC Delivery Acceptance Form

Once all of the above has been completed for a given contract, the Seller must provide UI with a filled out and signed REC Delivery Acceptance Form to finalize the agreement requirements. 

Contract Assignments

Per Article 11 of the LREC/ZREC Terms and Conditions, Sellers may assign the LREC/ZREC Standard Contract, the Facility, or the revenues under the Agreement, provided that the facility shall remain at all times at the original site. See the below documents for more information on Assignment options.

LREC/ZREC Program Documents