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In Your Home, you can find information on the latest energy efficiency products and programs, as well as products that can make your home more comfortable. Take a look and see what you can do to reduce your energy consumption or make your life a bit easier.


Energy Saving Tips and Tools give you helpful information on how to reduce your energy usage on conserve in simple and painless ways.

Hot Water Heater Lease is where you can find information on UI’s energy-efficient, super-reliable electric water heater lease program.

Central Air Conditioning provides you information on how to properly install a new system and available rebates.

In Assistance Programs you can find information about Operation Fuel and UI Helps, for our less fortunate customers.

Surge Protection shows you how to protect your home and valuables from power surges.

ENERGY STAR Products provide information on the ENERGY STAR brand and rebates.

Residential New Construction is where you can find out how to build an energy efficient home.