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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles offer many great benefits. They're low maintenance, have a low environmental impact, and offer good fuel economy.

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Electric Vehicle Programs

Find the best electric vehicle charging options for your home or business.

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Additional Information and Resources

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New EV Charging Lease Offering for Multi-Unit Dwellings for Developers / Owners

We are offering a turnkey EV charging lease program for Multi-Unit Developments to install new EVSE without the initial capital costs.

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Electric Vehicle Events and Webinars

Learn about upcoming electric vehicle charging program informational sessions and view previously recorded webinars.

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Electric Vehicle Facts

Get detailed information about electric vehicle facts, benefits, and estimated savings.

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Electric Vehicle FAQs

Find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about electric vehicle charging options.

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Why is UI Involved?

The development of PHEV and EV technology is a new opportunity for UI to provide leadership in an area that is critical from an economic and environmental perspective.

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Links and Other Resources

U.S. Department of Energy:  Afdc.energy.gov/afdc
Plug in America:   Pluginamerica.org
Electric Drive Transportation Assn.:   Electricdrive.org
The Electrification Coalition:   Electrificationcoalition.org
Electric Charging Station Locations in the U.S.:   Afdc.energy.gov/afdc/fuels/electricity_locations
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