Electric Suppliers and Aggregators Information

Electric Suppliers and Aggregators Information

DPUC licensed electric suppliers and aggregators are able to establish and maintain data relating to their relationship with the United Illuminating Company (UI) via a self-service website:


UI Supplier Management System


Access to the UI Supplier Management System website requires pre-registration. Please contact us if you need assistance or have questions at supplier.relations@uinet.com.

Supplier and Aggregator Useful Links

Load Settlement & Load Profiling

CT Code of Conduct

Supplier and Aggregator Service Agreement and Terms & Conditions

Historical Usage Request Information and Forms

Interval Data Request Information and Forms

Electronic Data Interchange ("EDI") Information

Distribution Losses

Rate Information

Load Profiles

Meter Reading and Holiday Schedules

Capacity Requests

Notice Regarding UI Standard Service and Last Resort Service Rate Price Changes

Direct Bill Versus Consolidated Bill

FAQs for Suppliers and Aggregators


Supplier and Aggregator General Information

Information for ISO NE, Inc. Market System Load Asset Registration - revised 3/15/2022

List of Zip Codes within the UI Service Territory (File)

Load Settlement and Load Profiling

The non-hardship uncollectable fee referenced in the Bills Rendered Supplier Payment Methodology is 1.00% for 2024. The calculation for 2024 is filed under PURA Docket No 98-06-17: DPUC.state.ct.us

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