The UI Standard Service Generation Rate increased on January 1. This charge for the supply portion of the bill is adjusted each January and July. UI does not control the cost of electricity supply and does not profit from this service. It is a pass-through cost.

Most electricity supply is generated by natural gas and the price of electricity generated by natural gas can be impacted by:

  • The demand for electricity and the pipeline capacity to move the natural gas to meet demand.
  • The weather can drive demand and impact the delivery of natural gas to generating plants.
  • World events can impact energy prices.

UI Rates and Riders

Understanding Rates

Your UI bill is broken down into two major components, Delivery and Generation.

  • Delivery -
    • The Delivery portion covers the cost to deliver electricity across our equipment. UI offers a variety of Delivery rates to accommodate various customer types and needs.
    • The Delivery portion of your bill includes several components, including Basic Service, Transmission, Distribution, Combined Public Benefits, Competitive Transition Assessment and Non-Bypassible FMCC line items. These pay for the equipment that delivers electricity to your home, social policy costs, and services and programs that benefit all UI customers. This portion of your bill is unchanged if you select an alternate supplier for generation service. Read more at Billing Glossary.
  • Generation -
    • The total rate you pay also includes a separate charge for Generation, which can be purchased from UI or alternate suppliers in a competitive market. Read more at Choose a Supplier.

Residential Rates RT & R

UI offers two rates for residential customers: Rate RT and Rate R.

  • Rate RT is our time-of-day rate for residential customers. From noon until 8 p.m. weekdays (the peak period), the electricity you use costs more than electricity used at other times.
  • Rate R provides a constant charge for the electricity you use regardless of when you use it. Day, night, weekend or weekday, it is the same price. There is a twice-yearly price adjustment from the winter to the summer peak period and back.

UI Standard Service/Last Resort Generation Rates

Below are the off- and on-peak hours for each day of the week. The table shows UI Standard Service rates and Last Resort rates effective January 1, 2023.

  • Off-Peak Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8 p.m. - 12 noon and all day Saturday and Sunday
  • On-Peak Hours:  Monday through Friday, 12 noon - 8 p.m.
The United Illuminating Company
Effective January 1, 2023 - June 30, 2023: Standard Service Generation Rates
Rates in ¢/kWh
Rate Description Rate c/kWh On-Peak Rate c/kWh Off-Peak Rate c/kWh
R Residential 21.9429    
RT Residential (Time-of-Day)   24.4362 20.9362
GS General Service 20.9663    
GST General Service (Time-of-Day)   22.6429 19.6429
LPT Large Power (Time-of-Day)   22.6163 19.6163
M, MC & MH Street & Security Lighting 21.1412    
U Street & Security Lighting 21.1412    


The United Illuminating Company
Effective January 1, 2023:  Last Resort Service Generation Charges (GSC)
Apply to Rates GST and LPT**
Month On-Peak Rate ¢/kWh Off-Peak Rate ¢/kWh
January 2023 37.2390 35.2640
February 2023 39.5473 37.5723
March 2023 22.8151 22.1401

Virtual Net Metering Application - Effective September 2, 2014

Important Notice: Applicants seeking approval for use of a Virtual Net Metering Facility or Agricultural Net Metering Facility should submit the Virtual Net Metering Application and Forms (see Optional Services at the bottom of the page) along with all required documentation and verification to the Company on or after September 2, 2014. Filing instructions are contained within the documents to assist Applicants in the application process. In particular, please note that the Company requires all Applications, including exhibits and attachments, to be submitted electronically and in hard copy.

Applications should be submitted by mail and electronically by email:

  • Mail - Hard-copy applications should be submitted to Mark P. Colca, Manager, Pricing at The United Illuminating Company | 180 Marsh Hill Rd., MS AD-2A | Orange | Connecticut 06477-3629.
  • email - Electronic applications, including exhibits and attachment should be emailed to Mark P. Colca

UI Schedule of Rates & Riders

Below is a complete listing of UI’s current schedule of rates and riders as approved by the Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA). We've made it convenient for you to view and/or print a PDF of any section of the schedule by clicking the title for the specific rate.

If you would like to view and/or print the entire schedule of rates and riders, download the Schedule of Rates and Riders (PDF).




Rate Code Rate Title CPUCA No. Effective
  Terms and Conditions 921 01/01/17
  Explanation of Charges    
  Standard Service Generation Services Charge   01/01/23
  Appendix A: Service Charges   01/01/17

Electric Supplier Index

Rate Code Rate Title CPUCA No. Effective
  Electric Supplier Service Agreement    
Rate DR Decoupling Rider 1086 09/01/22
  Purchased Power Adjustment Clause 594 07/01/11
  Transmission Adjustment Clause 2060 09/01/22


Rate Code Rate Title CPUCA No. Effective
RATE R Residential Rate 2175 01/01/23
RATE RT Residential Time-of-Day Rate 2176 01/01/23
RIDER RLC Residential Load Control Rider 433 01/01/18


 Rate Code Rate Title CPUCA No.  Effective
RATE GS General Service Rate 2131 01/01/23
RATE GST General Service Time-of-Day Rate 2132 01/01/23
RATE GST-TRA General Service Time-of-Day Rate Transmission Voltage Service Rate 2133 01/01/23
RATE GST-LRS General Service Time-of-Day Rate Last Resort Service 2180 01/01/23
RATE GST-TRA-LRS General Service Time-of-Day Rate Transmission Voltage Service Rate--Last Resort Service 2181
RATE LPT Large Power Time-of-Day Rate 2182
RATE LPT-TRA Large Power Time-of-Day Transmission Voltage Service Rate 2183
RATE LPT- LRS Large Power Time-of-Day Rate--Last Resort Service 2184
RATE LPT-TRA-LRS Large Power Time-of-Day Transmission Voltage Service Rate--Last Resort Service 2185
VPP Variable Peak Pricing Rider 934 01/01/17
RATE SG2 Self-Generator Rate 423 03/27/06
RIDER NE Distributed Generating Facility Net Energy Rider NE 506 11/01/08
RIDER NEC1 Class 1 Renewable Net Energy Rider 503 11/01/08
RIDER DG Distributed Generation Rider 425 03/27/06
FCDE Fuel Cell Demand Exemption Rider 505 10/22/08
RIDER MFG Manufacturer Gross Earnings Tax Credit Rider 322 01/01/2000
RIDER SMALL ZREC Small ZREC Metering and Billing 987 02/15/08
  ZERC Service Agreement    
  ZREC Terms and Conditions    
RATE GS-EV Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rate 2192 01/01/23
RATE GST-EV Electric Vehicle Charing Station Time-of-Day Rate 2191 01/01/23

Street Lighting

Rate Code Rate Title CPUCA No. Effective
RATE M Street and Security Lighting Rate 2186
RATE MC Sodium Vapor Street Lighting Conversion Rate 2187
RATE U Unmetered Municipal Street Lighting Rate 2188
RATE MH Metal Halide Lighting Rate 2189 01/01/23
Rate LED Street and Security Lighting Rate - Light Emitting Dode (LED) 2190 01/01/23


Rate Code Rate Title CPUCA No. Effective
RIDER LC Load Controller Rider 318 01/01/2000


Rate Code Rate Title CPUCA No. Effective
RATE WHR Water Heater Rental Rate 447 01/01/07

Optional Services

Rate Code Rate Title CPUCA No. Effective
  CATV Pole Attachment 940 01/01/17
DPDRR Demonstration Project Distributed Energy Resource Rate Rider 1012 09/01/18
  Premium Surge Protection Service Tariff 633 07/01/13
  Telecom Pole Attachment 941 01/01/17
RIDER VNM Virtual Net Metering 1062 09/24/19
  Virtual Metering Application    09/24/19
  Virtual Net Metering: Form 3 (excel document)    
SCEF PILOT Shared Clean Energy Facility Rider Pilot 1056 10/01/19
  Shared Clean Energy Facility Rider Pilot:Terms and Conditions    
  Shared Clean Energy Facility Rider Pilot: Enrollment Form   10/01/19
RIDER SCEF Shared Clean Energy Facility Subscriber Organization Rider 1081  07/01/20
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