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Save Up To 25% - leasing a water heater from UI is a smart choice for energy conscious consumers. Our energy efficient water heater can save you up to 25%* off your current electric hot water costs. UI water heaters are designed to work with our time-of-use rate which allows your heater to work off-peak, at night when electricity rates are lower. Plus, you save even more when you use electricity in the rest of your home at night and on weekends.

More importantly, UI water heaters are reliable; with an average life of two to three times longer than an ordinary retail store model. And if it should need repair, you can rest easy knowing UI will fix the problem without any cost to you. Its part of the service we provide which means you’ll never need to be concerned about hot water again.

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You get the comfort of knowing that your tank will be working properly and saving you money and the convenience of lifetime maintenance, including replacement if necessary, and 24/7 emergency repair service for just $12.50 a month for an 80 gallon water heater or just $14.00 a month for a 120 gallon water heater. There are no installation fees or maintenance costs and we’ll even remove and dispose of your old water heater!

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*Based on UI's standard residential rate and a water heater energy factor of .86 (base), as compared to UI's residential time-of-use rate and water heater energy factor of .90. Hot water consumption based on 64 gallons per day.