Strategic Energy Management

Strategic Energy Management

Improve your energy performance with free energy coaching for your business. Our program you can equip your staff with the resources to be more energy conscious, establish energy modeling for your facility, and reduce your carbon footprint with low to no cost practices. 

Strategic Energy Management promotes energy conscious performance with continuous energy improvement. This program uses a holistic approach to help your business achieve long-term energy reduction goals. Baseline energy consumption from previous usage is established to start the regression modeling process. An energy engineer will then come to the facility for an energy scan, noting operational or behavioral changes to enhance performance and reduce waste energy usage. 

The program is provided to your business at no charge. It only requires the time commitment by your staff to engage in energy focused workshops and implementation of energy reduction measures. This program augments sustainable practices with tracking, monitoring, and management of the impact of implemented energy measures. Additionally, you will receive $0.02/kWh you save from these Strategic Energy Management measures!
Review the Strategic Energy Management fact sheet for more information.

How It Works: Steps to Take Smart Energy Action

Step 1: Contact your utility representative by email at for more information on the program. 

Step 2: Set up initial vendor meeting between your utility representative, energy coach, and business’ energy team. This will give a more thorough review of the program and connect you with our Strategic Energy Management vendor.

Step 3: Review and sign the Strategic Energy Management Customer Agreement and send to your utility representative. Having a signed contract secures your place in the program. 

Step 4: Get your business ready for the long-term energy savings with an energy scan from an engineer and provide building information to secure meter data to establish baseline energy usage. 

Who is Eligible

UI commercial and industrial customers with an annual usage of 3 million kWh or greater.

See how the program can work for you.

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