Supplier Management System

Supplier Management System

Billing options, online self-service, rules and regulations, and reports

What billing options does UI have for Electric Suppliers and Aggregators?

UI’s bills rendered methodology was approved by the DPUC in docket 98-06-17 “DPUC Investigation Into Billing and Metering Protocols and Appropriate Cost-Sharing Allocations among Electric Distribution Companies and Electric Suppliers”.

UI’s bills rendered methodology is included in the service agreement signed between UI and the Electric Supplier. The bills rendered methodology does not apply to licensed Aggregators.

Tell me about your online self-service website?

The type of service requests available to Suppliers and Aggregators includes:

  • Customer Non-Confidential List
  • Contact Information

Additionally, contact information is viewable and modifiable by Suppliers and Aggregators. 

Where can I find the rules and regulations that guide Electric Suppliers?

The DPUC issued a final decision on the rules and regulations that governed the licensing of Electric Suppliers in docket 98-06-15 "DPUC Licensing Regulations." Please see the DPUC web site for further information including but not limited to the Implementation Guidelines:


Reports are available through our secure Supplier Management website (SMS). To access reports: 

  • Visit (SMS)
  • Select "Non-Private List" under the main menu on the SMS.
    • The only report available from the SMS website is the Non-confidential customer list.
  • If you are not able to access the SMS please contact our Supplier Relations Department at to register as a Supplier or Aggregator.
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