CT Code of Conduct

CT Code of Conduct

Connecticut Code of Conduct Notifications: Affiliate Transactions

Now that Connecticut has  restructured its electric markets , UI no longer intends to generate electricity or compete in the new retail power market. Instead it will focus on delivering electricity as reliably and efficiently as possible while customers choose new suppliers. If customers choose not to participate UI will purchase electricity for them from the new suppliers.

A separate Power Supply Services Division at UI will continue to manage non-controlling interests in some generating plants until ownership passes to others. This Division qualifies as a generating entity or affiliate under the new Code of Conduct rules that ensure an active and healthy competitive market.

All required notifications concerning discounts, rebates or other waiver of any charge, fee, term or condition associated with services provide by UI to the Power Supply Services Division will be listed on the web page  UI Transactions with its Generating Entity . All required notifications concerning releases of customer information from UI to the Power Supply Services Division will be listed on the web page  UI Information Releases to its Generating Entity .

This page is intended to provide notice to all electric suppliers of any discount or customer information provided by an electric distribution company to its own electric supplier affiliate so that all electric suppliers may avail themselves of any such discount or customer information. It is not intended to indicate that an electric distribution company’s electric supplier affiliate has preferential access to services or customer information.

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