Commercial Lighting Instant Discounts


We offer instant lighting discounts at point of purchase retail locations.

It is easy for businesses to reduce energy costs by installing high-efficiency lighting. Now with instant discounts, contractors and business customers may purchase eligible linear fluorescent and LED replacement lamps at a reduced cost without a rebate form at Connecticut distributors.

Whether you are looking to replace your interior or exterior commercial lighting, there is an energy-saving solution regardless of the application. And the instant discounts available at participating distributors help to offset the premium price of lighting, making energy-saving lighting fixtures and bulbs a cost-effective choice.

Finding the right energy-efficient lighting solution is easy. We work with ENERGY STAR® and the DesignLights Consortium® to promote the most energy-efficient lighting technologies available and make them affordable with instant discounts. You have access to discounts for a wide range of lighting, including LED Systems, exit signs, lighting controls and LED lights for coolers, freezers and refrigerator shelving.


Use up to 75% Less Energy

ENERGY STAR certified commercial light fixtures use up to 75 percent less energy and last 10-50 times longer than incandescent lighting. Plus, qualified fixtures produce low heat, which reduces heating loads. LED options provide optimal precision lighting for commercial applications.

Make a smart energy choice and upgrade your lighting now.

Getting an Instant Discount is Easy

Review the list of eligible lighting products  here . Then visit to find a participating distributor near you.

When purchasing eligible replacement lamps from a participating distributor, they will request the business name, address and contact information for the business that the lamps will be installed. The incentives for eligible products will:

  • automatically be applied to your purchase; and,
  • your invoice should include a line item reflecting the Energize Connecticut discount received.


Who is Eligible for Instant Lighting Rebates

Instant discounts are available to commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural and multi-family property (common areas) customers of UI for existing facilities. Lighting must be installed in the service territory of the participating utility.

NOTE: New construction and major renovation may require pre-approval. Customers participating in the Small Business Energy Advantage program are NOT eligible for Instant Lighting Rebates, but other incentives are available. Contact your UI account representative for details.

Instant Lighting Incentive Table

*Rebates must meet the Minimum Customer Contribution (MCC) listed on the incentive table. Sales exceeding the pre-approval limit must be submitted for pre-approval before making the sale. Apply for pre-approval at:

Additional Resources:


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