Cool Choice

Get a High-Efficiency HVAC or Water Heating System Without Paying a Premium Price

Save electricity and cut energy costs in your business by installing qualifying high-efficiency air conditioning, heat pump and water heating systems. Rebates help to offset the costs.

Rebates make energy-saving air conditioning and heat pump systems more affordable. Whether you're replacing old equipment or installing it in a new building, your investment in energy efficiency delivers powerful benefits such as:

  • Energy cost savings for years to come
  • A favorable return on your investment
  • Increased comfort
  • Lower long-term equipment costs
  • A positive effect on the environment

Now that's a very cool proposition.


How to Apply for Cool Choice Rebates

Steps to Take Smart Energy Action

Getting started is easy.

Step 1 -

Work with your HVAC contractor to install a qualifying energy-efficient unit  that work best for you. Note: Pre-approval from UI is required if the rebate total exceeds $5,000.

Step 2 -

Apply for your rebate.

We encourage you to apply online  - the quickest way to obtain your rebate!

For mail-in rebates, submit your  Cool Choice rebate application (PDF) with required documentation and your IRS W-9 form. Rebates are per-unit fixed amounts paid directly to customers. 


Who Is Eligible for Cool Choice Rebates

The Cool Choice program is designed specifically for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural electric service customers. All commercial, industrial or municipal customers of UI* can participate.

Equipment must be installed in the service territory of the participating utility.

Eligible systems include:

  • HVAC and Dual Enthalpy Economizer Controls
  • Air Source Heat Pump Equipment (including ductless split systems)
  • Unitary & Split System HVAC Equipment (including ductless split systems)
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters

Pre-approval from UI is required if the rebate total exceeds $5,000.

Starting the process is easy. Just contact your HVAC contractor.   

Call 844.342.4575 with rebate questions or for more information. 


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