East Shore Circuit Switcher Project

About this project:

As part of the continuing effort to maintain a reliable electric power system in southeastern Connecticut, transmission planning has identified the need to replace the existing 345-kilovolt (“kV”) Mark II Center-Break Style Circuit Switchers at East Shore Substation. These circuit switchers serve as the
primary high-side disconnect devices for two autotransformers at the East Shore Substation on the existing 345-kV 387 Line that extends between Scovill Rock, Halvarsson, and East Shore substations.

Failure of the existing circuit switchers to operate properly can result in arcing, flashover, and major damage to the circuit switcher and surrounding equipment, and also can jeopardize the safety of switching personnel and compromise the reliability of the transmission system.

UI's submission to the Connecticut Siting Council, is available at CT.gov.


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