Eligibility Information

New Construction Projects are Now Eligible for Rebates

We now provide new construction rebates for customers who design and construct their facilities with energy-efficient equipment that exceeds baseline code, or standard practice in cases where code does not apply. Rebates can be pursued through either a Prescriptive or Custom application depending on the measure(s) installed. The incentive catalogs indicate which prescriptive measures are eligible for new construction. Those not listed would be considered a custom project.

Note: All new construction lighting is considered a custom project at this time.

New Construction (NC) or Major Renovation (MR) refers to any of the following cases:

  • A newly constructed facility
  • A newly constructed addition to an existing facility that adds conditioned space
  •  A major renovation of an existing space which includes replacement of the HVAC and lighting equipment

The following cases are not eligible:

  • Equipment or controls required by code
  • Maintenance items – tune-ups for boilers/chillers
  • VFDs for HVAC fans and pumps
  • Steam traps and surveys
  • EC Motors for Refrigeration Evaporator Fans

Additional documents required for pre-approval:

  • COMcheck™ Report for lighting projects

How custom lighting incentives are calculated:

  • Instead of using existing fixture wattages as the baseline, new construction lighting projects will use the New York State Energy Code (IECC 2015) Lighting Power Density (LPD) requirements to calculate the baseline wattage allowance
  • Energy savings are calculated using the proposed lighting wattage and code allowed wattage in our custom lighting calculator
  • Incentive = Energy savings x custom incentive rate

Current custom rebate amounts:

  • Electric - $0.13/kWh saved
  • Natural Gas - $1.50/therm saved

If you have questions about our program, please contact our implementation contractor Franklin Energy at 888.316.8023 or send an email.


Additional Eligibility Information

  • Rebates are available to nonresidential, commercial or industrial customers within the NYSEG or RG&E service area.
  • Eligible customers must have PSC-mandated System Benefits Charge (SBC) included in their utility bills.
  • All equipment must be new. Used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible for incentives. Existing equipment must be removed and not reinstalled within the NYSEG or RG&E service area.
  • NYSEG or RG&E reserve the right to deny any application that may result in either company exceeding its program budget. Incentives are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to project and customer eligibility and availability of funds.
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