Smart Savers Rewards Thermostat Program

Woman looking at smartphone next to thermostat

Get paid to use less energy

Our Smart Savers Rewards program is available to you as a residential or small business electricity customer with an eligible thermostat to control your central air conditioning equipment. Once enrolled, you will receive a $35 Mastercard e-gift card. In addition, you will receive a $25 Mastercard e-gift card at the end of the summer season when you participate in temperature adjustments.

Reducing electricity use during times of peak summer electricity demand can help alleviate the strain on Connecticut’s state power supply. This program allows us to make brief limited temperature adjustments in your home from June 1 to September 30 on weekdays when summer electricity demand is at its highest (excluding holidays and weekends). The program is voluntary, and you can opt out of temperature adjustments at any point by adjusting your air conditioning temperature. Most customers don’t notice the temperature adjustment. Save money and earn rewards – and help the environment – by using a little less electricity during peak times!




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