United Illuminating Unveils New Online Map To Help Customers Determine if Solar is a Good Fit

As summer officially begins, UI makes it easier for customers to explore their private solar options

ORANGE, Connecticut — June 20, 2019 — With the longest day of the year arriving this Friday, many Connecticut homeowners are wondering whether they can take advantage of all of that sunlight by installing a rooftop solar system. But how can they determine if solar is a good fit for the neighborhood’s electric system?

Thanks to new online tools from United Illuminating, a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR), homeowners can now easily learn if the electric system serving their property can accommodate a residential solar installation.

The first step is to visit UI’s Interconnection Feasibility Map. A link can also be found at uinet.com (click “Smart Energy” and select “Distributed Generation”). Just enter a residential address or zoom in to find the property.

Interconnection Feasibility Map

A green dot indicates solar is likely a good fit for the location. If there’s a blue or orange dot, though, more information is needed to ensure that installing a solar system won’t affect reliable electric service in the neighborhood. Customers can arrange for a more detailed analysis by completing the online Hosting Capacity Eligibility Form at uinet.com.

“We know that our customers are seeing more rooftop solar systems as they drive around their neighborhoods, and naturally they may be wondering if this is a good option for them. We want to make it easy for them as they get started,” said Tony Marone, president and CEO of Avangrid Networks. “We understand that residential solar may be an opportunity for some customers to manage their energy consumption, and UI — along with the other AVANGRID companies — has been innovating and adapting in order to empower our customers to manage their energy usage, improve the efficiency of the grid and contribute to a cleaner environment.

While the UI map shows whether the UI electrical equipment in the neighborhood can support a solar installation, it does not indicate whether the property receives enough sunlight to justify installing a solar system. That’s a question best addressed by the property owner working with a solar contractor or consultant.

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