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The United Illuminating Company through the Energy Efficiency Fund, an Energize Connecticut partner, provides commercial, industrial and municipal customers with a variety of energy-saving programs.  These programs offer financial incentives to offset the premium cost of purchasing and installing energy-efficient equipment. Energy efficiency is a proven way for companies, large and small, to help reduce their operating costs.


Electric energy efficiency programs have been integrated with Connecticut’s natural gas energy efficiency programs, and now businesses can benefit from these fully integrated programs to help companies reduce their total energy usage.


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Covidien, a global leader in healthcare products, received NEEP’s Connecticut State Champion Business Leader Award for Energy Efficiency. Over the past six years, Covidien’s North Haven facility worked closely with energy experts at UI to identify cost-effective ways to make their buildings more energy efficient. This NEEP award recognizes Covidien’s continued efforts to advance energy efficiency in its operations, which have resulted in significant annual energy savings.


Best known for its world-famous BLACK HAWK helicopter, Sikorsky Aircraft supplies airplanes and helicopters to all five branches of the U.S. Armed Services, and sells to commercial and government clients in 40 other countries. Through a comprehensive company-wide approach to efficiency, Sikorsky found ways to save over 71,000 megawatt hours of electricity a year. And what's good for the environment is good for the bottom line: Sikorsky is saving nearly $8 million annually in energy costs.


Find out if your project can benefit from one of our programs:


Small Business Energy Advantage: Your small business needs every advantage it can get. Participate in this retrofit program tailored for small businesses that provides financial incentives and attractive financing.


Outdoor Lighting:  Outdoor lighting technology has evolved from incandescent to mercury vapor to high pressure sodium to the latest technology, metal halide.  UI can provide a variety of outdoor lighting solutions to meet your business' needs and budget.


Energy Efficiency Lighting:  Cash rebates for the installation of qualifying energy efficient lighting measures.


Cool Choice:  Hot rebates to keep cool and cut energy costs.


Electric Solutions:  Power a more efficient and productive business through technologies.


Energy Conscious Blueprint:  Your blueprint for energy savings. This program is for businesses and municipalities engaged in new construction, major renovations, or equipment purchase or replacement.


Energy Opportunities: This incentive program helps customers exchange or modify inefficient, functioning equipment such as lighting, HVAC, chillers, motors, controls, water heaters and commercial cooking equipment with high-efficiency alternatives for maximum electric and natural gas savings. 


Retro-commissioning:  Provides technical, engineering and financial incentives to identify inefficiencies in your building’s energy management system and optimize the operation of your building.


Operations and Maintenance:  This program provides incentives and assistance for electric and natural gas energy-efficiency improvements through specialized maintenance and repairs.


LED Lighting: The light emitting diode (LED) is part of a family of lighting technologies called solid-state lighting. LED lighting is a rapidly evolving technology that has the potential to revolutionize the lighting industry over the next decade.


Financing & Tax Incentives:  Learn how to finance your energy efficiency upgrades with low interest loans and if your project is eligible for tax incentives or credits.


Rebates:  A reference to rebates that may offer UI business customers an opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their stores or buildings.


Prime:  Process Reengineering for Increased Manufacturing Efficiency - Learn how lean manufacturing and continuous improvement can help you become more efficient, profitable and competitive.


Business Sustainability:  Increasing productivity while reducing consumed resources and waste without compromising product or service quality, competitiveness or profitability. 


Gas Efficiency:  Learn how to make your gas systems more energy efficient.  (Only firm gas customers are eligible.)


Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund: The Energy Efficiency Fund was created with the direct purpose of helping homeowners and renters, small and large businesses, and state and local governments use energy more efficiently. This is your resource and that's why we say, "This Fund's for you".



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