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By taking advantage of UI’s energy programs, you receive valuable information and support that will help you make informed energy decisions. Whether commercial or residential, your energy decisions affect your bottom line.

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Whether you’re considering new construction or expansion of your commercial property, this program includes cash incentives, design grants, and technical assistance in order to make your facility more energy efficient and your business more competitive.

  • Connecticut Cool Choice
    This program provides cash rebates for purchasing premium-efficiency HVAC equipment.
  • Connecticut Motor Up
    This program entitles you to cash rebates on installing qualifying premium-efficiency motors.


There are many ways your business can profit from improved energy efficiency. This program provides C&I customers with tailored solutions, including cash incentives up to 60% of the cost for maximizing electric energy efficiency through retrofits. Retrofit projects are defined as those where the customer voluntarily exchanges or of modifies functioning, inefficient, equipment with high-efficiency alternatives.

  • Lighting Express

    Rebates designed to cover up to 100% of the incremental cost of installing energy-efficient lighting for commercial applications. Fast and convenient application process, rebate forms are available from your Utility.

Small Business Energy Advantage

This energy-efficiency program is designed specifically to help small businesses save energy and money. It includes a no-obligation energy evaluation of your business, as well as cash incentives and zero-percent financing for qualified customers with a maximum loan term of 36 months to pay for upgrades in areas such as, but not limited to, lighting and refrigeration.


The program is designed to analyze a commercial building’s Energy Management System and determine the existence of, and origin, of energy inefficiencies in the building’s operational processes. Utility experts conduct a review of the building’s operational systems and identify energy inefficiencies and propose the implementation of appropriate energy-efficiency measures.

ISO-NE Load Response Program Support

Maintain the ability of existing participants to reduce load during periods of system capacity deficiency.