Time of Day Rate RT

Most UI customers are billed at Rate R, and are charged the same price for electricity no matter when it is used. Morning, evening, weekends ---- it doesn’t matter. Under Rate R the charge is always the same.

Rate RT is different. It is a time-of-day use rate that provides a customer the opportunity to lower their annual electricity costs by using electricity when it costs less. By taking a few moments and learning the on-peak/off-peak schedule and trying to adhere to it, Rate RT can reward the customer with a lower monthly bill.

Rate RT is simple to learn:

  • On Peak – weekdays from 12 noon to 8 PM.
  • Off Peak – everything else including weekends.

By concentrating your use to off peak hours you can actually lower your electricity bill.
Before switching to Rate RT, you need to evaluate your own use of electricity. Unfortunately, UI has no time specific information for customers presently using Rate R. We do know, however, that the profile of a customer who can typically save money on Rate RT is:

  • Customers that use 75% or more of their electricity in the off-peak hours
  • Customers who work full time with no one home during the day

Rate RT is not for everyone and depending upon how and when electricity is used, you could even see your electric bill increase.

To learn more about your energy usage and determine if Rate RT is right for you, use our Online Energy Analyzer.