Most Popular Account Features


Sign up for eBill to view and pay online, schedule payments, and more!

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We’ll do the work for you! Your bill will be paid securely on time automatically each month.

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Help With Bills

If you are having trouble managing energy bills, we have payment plans and customer assistance programs available to help our customers.

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Budget Billing

With Budget Billing, UI will bill you for an average monthly electric cost based on your actual use.

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We offer a variety of programs and services to make it easy to do business with us.

Turn Service On

Start here if you need to turn on or transfer your electrical service.

Turn Service Off

Start here if you need to turn off or end your electric service.

Building and Remodeling

If you plan to build a new home, make energy efficiency a priority from the beginning.

Understand Your Bill

Learn more about choosing an energy supplier, different pricing options, view a sample bill, and more.

Sample Bill

What does a bill look like? View a sample bill.



If you’re looking for energy pricing information, take a look at our tariffs.


Billing Glossary

Here are definitions for terms that describe your usage.


Commercial Deposits

Security deposits are for commercial accounts only. Rates determine the amount you pay each month for your monthly energy usage.


Choose a Supplier

If you are a UI customer looking to switch to UI’s Standard Generation Service, we’ve made the process very easy.


How to Read Your Meter

Do you have an Electro-mechanical or Digital electric meter? Learn how to tell the difference and how to read it.


More Billing and Payment Options

Pay By Mail

Send your check or money order and payment stub in the return envelope provided with your bill, or click here for our mailing address.

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Pay In Person

We have many locations where you can pay your bill in person.

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Pay by Phone

Make a payment quickly and easily with our easy, automated telephone system.

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Pay Online (EZ-Pay)

Make a payment online, even if you’re not enrolled in eBill.

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