TempAssured Water Heater Lease

Does your water heater leave you with a cold shower? Do you dream of a reliable water heater but simply can’t find a way to fit it into your budget? With UI’s TempAssured Worry-Free Water Heater Lease, that dream can become a reality.

Many people turn to leasing because of the reduced maintenance cost, convenience and worry-free service. It’s easier than ever to save energy, go green and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a brand new water heater – with 24/7/365 service at no additional cost!

UI Water Heaters:

  • Are designed to work with UI’s time-of-use rate so they operate at night when electricity rates are lower. Extra-thick insulation helps keep the water hot all day.
  • Are built to last 2 to 3 times longer than retail models.
  • Provide all the hot water you’ll need for bathing, dishwashing and laundry.
  • Are professionally installed by a member of our service team who will also dispose of your old water heater.
  • Come with emergency service and repairs.
  • Just call UI and we’ll be there — even if it’s the middle of the night or the middle of a long holiday weekend.
  • Include FREE lifetime maintenance. Service calls are free of charge.

Additional information:

What size tank do you need?  Refer to the size chart at the bottom of the page to determine the size of the water heater that is right for your household.

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Water Heater Space Requirements and Size Information:
80 gallon 28 inches 59 inches 2-4 adults $12.50
120 gallon 30 inches 70 inches 5+ adults $14.00