GreenDot Scam

Green Dot Scam

Be aware. News media have reported that scam artists are calling consumers, posing as utility representatives, threatening to disconnect service unless an immediate payment is made. These scammers pressure customers to obtain a “Green Dot” or similar prepaid debit card, and use it to make a utility payment on the spot. These cards must be loaded with a cash-value before use. A transaction made with this type of card is very difficult to trace.
Don't be fooled. Representatives of The United Illuminating Company, Southern Connecticut Gas Company, Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation and The Berkshire Gas Company will work with customers to avoid shut-off, and accept a variety of forms of payment. We also help educate customers about their options to pay down outstanding balances and avoid shut-off.
Here are tips to help:
If you have any doubt about a “utility call” that you receive, hang up and call us 800-722-5584.
  • Our companies do not require customers to make only one specific form of payment.
  • Our companies work with customers to find solutions, and don’t threaten them.
  • Never provide payment or financial information to strangers and especially unsolicited businesses over the phone.
  • Do not log onto any personal utility accounts or bank account on unsecured wireless networks.
  • Do not overshare on social network sites.

Report scam calls to the police and your local utility.