Project Status


1. Main Activities During Reporting Period

  • Main Activities During Reporting Period.
    1. Work with CT DEEP and EPA on comments for PCB Remedial Action Plan(s).
      1. Met with EPA and CT DEEP to review site PCB Remedial Action Plan for Parcel A & Parcel B
      2. Submitted a response to Parcel A PCB Remedial Action Plan
    2. Worked with Phase I Soil Remediation and Station B Demo contractor on the Phase I schedule and submittals for upcoming activities
    3. Submitted response to CT DEEP on comments for Scope of Study for English Station Interior Boiler 1-12 Area and Boilers 13-14 Area (Hazardous Building Materials)
    4. TRC continued to sample environmental media with Boilers 13-14
    5. On March 11, 2019 at John S Martinez School UI held a public information session on the project
    6. Finalized Western Portion of English Station Investigation
    7. Obtained approval on UI’s registration under CT DEEP General Permit DEEP-WPED-GP-015 and Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (GSN003422)
    8. Obtained approval from the City of New Haven on the Development Application submission for upcoming soil remediation and Station B demo activities
    9. Submitted a full overview of project financials to the Connecticut Attorney General’s office
    10. Submitted to Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT DPH) an Asbestos Abatement Notification and Alternative Work Practice
    11. Submitted to EPA a Notification of Renovation and Demolition form for activities within Station B
    12. Met with CT DPH on March 26, 2019 at site to review Alternate Work Practices submittal
    13. Work with external legal on developing a resolution to the interpretation of PCO condition B.1.e.4
    14. Develop and submit to CT DEEP an alternatives analysis for the remediation of soils.
    15. Continued to develop groundwater remedial solution for site
    16. TRC performed bi-weekly inspections of the Significant Environmental Hazard (SEH) areas and prepare inspection reports.
    17. Management of State and Federal regulated waste during site activities.
    18. Update of Project Public Website.
    19. Update Project Schedule


2. Upcoming Activities

  1. Continue to sample environmental media and hazardous building materials inside of English Station as necessary
  2. Submit an amendment to CT DPH Asbestos Abatement Notification Form and Alternate Work Practice for the abatement of Station B based on walkthrough with CT DPH
  3. Perform abatement of Station B
  4. Commence certain preliminary activities for Phase I work such as but not limited to survey, vegetation management, erosion and sediment control measures install, pre-shoring install/Subpart O verification soil sampling delineation, decontamination pad, and waste storage area construction
  5. Work with EPA and CT DEEP on Remedial Action Plans for the PCB remediation on Parcels B. 
  6. Work with CT DEEP on any follow-up comments for the Scope of Study for English Station Eastern Interior Boilers 1 through 12 and High Pressure Boilers 13 & 14 on hazardous building materials.
  7. Submit investigation report for Western Portion environmental media and hazardous building materials results
  8. Continue to develop investigation report representing Eastern Portion of English Station Interior Boiler 1 through 12 environmental media only
  9. Continue to develop investigation report representing English Station Interior Boiler 13/14 environmental media only
  10. Continue to assess groundwater data develop site-wide groundwater remedy.
  11. Evaluate off-site sources for suitable soil borrows for fill needed to implement remedial actions at the site.


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