Project Status



Station B Update - City of New Haven



1. Main Activities During Reporting Period

  • Submit to CTDEEP the following Project documents
    • Revised English Station First Floor & Interstitial Fill Scope of Study
    • Revised Phase I Plans and Specifications
    • Parcel A PCB RAP Modification
    • Debris Pile Sampling Memo
    • March 2020 Groundwater Summary Report
  • Finalize supplemental sampling plan for English Station Western Side based on CTDEEP's responses for Western Side Scope of Study and Investigation Report RTCs
  • Finalize response to CTDEEP comments on English Station Boiler 13/14 (environmental media only) Scope of Study
  • Finalize June 2020 Groundwater Summary Report
  • Continue to correspond with CTDEEP & EPA on Parcel B remedial approach
  • Meet with Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office to discuss Project
  • Work with contractor and LEP to address the CTDEEP approved solution for NOVWSPCB 19-002 violation #3, dated June 11, 2020 related to stormwater
  • Based on additional comments by CTDEEP, performing revisions to the Phase I Plans and Specifications related to the approved RAPs.
  • Perform vegetation management
  • Continue to work with the Property Owner(s) of Parcel A & B (and as necessary, the developer) in order to obtain signatures/acceptance on the current approved RAPs pursuant to requirements in the CTDEEP and EPA approval letters
  • Continue developing Contractor Work Plan and ancillary documents associated with the Parcel A PCB Remedial Action Plan
  • Conduct multiple meeting(s) with Property Developer (and engineering team), CTDEEP and CT Attorney General's Office (CTAGO) to discuss future development plans and how it corresponds with UI's current PCO obligations and remedial approach(s)
  • Continue to refine overall Project schedule and cost estimate(s) associated Main Power Plant scope
  • Finalize award with AVANGRID Procurement to identify a contractor for the soil remediation activities on Phase I
  • Perform required stormwater inspections of the site erosion and sediment controls for the Phase I activities approved under CT DEEP permit number GSN003422.Â
  • TRC performed bi-weekly inspections of the Significant Environmental Hazard (SEH) areas and submitted inspection reports to UI
  • Updated of Project Website


2. Upcoming Activities

  • Work with EPA and CT DEEP on the authorization of the Phase I - Parcel B PCB RAP
  • Commence certain Phase I PCB and other COC soil remediation activities covered in the Phase I RAPs, such as:
    • Evaluate off-site sources for suitable soil/clean fill to be used as cover material for site-wide restoration
    • Sample debris piles
  • Finalize the Contractor Work Plan and ancillary documents associated with EPA’s requirements under the Parcel A PCB RAP approval letter
  • Follow-up meeting with CTDEEP, CTAGO, City of New Haven, Property Developer and Owner to discuss Project
  • Perform supplemental environmental media sampling efforts inside of English Station (Western Side, Boiler 1-12, Boiler 13/14 & Interstitial Fill Area(s))
  • Work with CT DEEP on any follow-up comments for the Scope of Study for English Station Eastern Interior Boilers 1 through 12 and High Pressure Boilers 13 & 14 (hazardous building materials)
  • Work with CT DEEP on Project schedule and scope
  • Continue to refine Project estimates for Main Power Plant


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