Reliability Projects

UI's effort to invest in our electric system to meet tomorrow's demands will ensure electricity continues to be as safe and reliable years from now as it is today.

System-wide upgrades to UI’s transmission and distribution equipment is vital to address the increasing demand placed on the Company’s ability to meet customer needs. These projects include upgrading and replacing of aging electric infrastructure, such as transformers and underground cable, and the building of new substations and transmission lines to increase the capacity of the system to meet customers’ increased demand for electricity.

Further, as part of efforts to protect the Connecticut electric grid from outages due to coastal flooding and storm damage and to implement upgrades to the bulk electric system (BES) in general, UI will be mitigating our coastal substations to avoid damage and outages during coastal flood events.

Information on individual projects under construction can be found below.

For more information regarding UI's projects, please call Samantha Marone, Manager, Public Outreach at 888.848.3697, or send an email to