RFP for Combined Heat and Power Under Public Act 17-2

On January 31, 2018 UI released an amended request for proposals (RFP) for combined heat and power in distressed municipalities under Section 264 of June Special Session Public Act 17-2.

The January 31 RFP is available at the link below, and amends and supersedes the RFP issued on January 2, 2018. Also below are links to the UI form of power purchase agreement (PPA) in MS Word and the Microsoft Excel bid form for this solicitation. Parties interested in being added to UI’s service list for this RFP can request to be added via email to alan.trotta@uinet.com.

Bidders must include with their bids a marked version of the PPA in Microsoft Word or a statement indicating that the bidder takes no exception to the terms and conditions set forth in the PPA.

Please check this page often for updates.


Amended RFP Issued January 31, 2018

Draft Power Purchase Agreement

Bid Form - Revised 03/22/2018

Q & A Combined Heat and Power 03/05/2018

Notice of RFP Termination