Power Procurement

The United Illuminating Company
Power Procurement RFP Information & Postings

This website contains information related to power supply RFPs being conducted by The United Illuminating Company ("UI"). The links below provide access to all RFP related materials. UI provides notice of new RFPs by email to the ISO New England Inc. group email for the Participant's Committee and the Market's Committee, and also to a UI maintained email notification list. UI also posts a news release regarding any new RFP to various media organizations and services. If you or your organization wish to be added to the UI maintained list for RFP email announcements, please send your request to the following email address:  uipower@uinet.com

Email for Power Supply Related Communications: uipower@uinet.com

Email for LREC and ZREC Communications: lrec.zrec@uinet.com


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