LREC/ZREC Program Information and Documents

LREC/ZREC program questions and requests to be added to UI’s LREC/ZREC email distribution should be submitted to  Program documents are located at the bottom of this page.

Interconnection and Metering

Interconnection and metering are handled separately from the LREC/ZREC procurement process. The UI website has a section on distributed generation to assist bidders in preparing their applications for interconnection.

Interconnection applications and questions regarding the interconnection of LREC and ZREC projects should be submitted to

Request REC Meter Job

In order to have a REC Meter Installed at your accepted LREC/ZREC Project Site, please complete and return one of the following forms to the relevant email address.

Application for Connecticut Class I Certification

The seller is responsible for certification as a Class I renewable resource with the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). The generator must be registered with NEPOOL GIS, and the Seller must seek certification from PURA.


The Seller is responsible for registering with NEPOOL GIS and establishing a “Forward Certificate Transfer” to deliver RECs to the Company for the lifetime of the contract. UI's NEPOOL GIS account Name is UI LRECZREC.


All NEPOOL GIS activity related to the project is the responsibility of the Seller.

Vendor Setup for REC Payments 

Once an LREC or ZREC project meets all of the requirements for REC delivery acceptance, the seller must provide:


New project payments will no longer be set up via check method. ACH or Wire Only.


The seller must submit these documents to to be set up for payments. Sellers cannot be paid for RECs until these forms are completed and submitted. Please include 'ZREC Vendor Setup' and list the contract number (ZSXXXX/ZLXXXX/ZMXXXX/LLXXXX) in the subject line of the email.

LREC/ZREC Program Documents

LREC ZREC Questions and Answers