FAQs for Suppliers and Aggregators

General Supplier Management System

Rate Maintenance

    1. Sign 2 original Electric Service agreements with PURA Docket number and EDI contact information.
    2. Send in completed Supplier Rate Input Workbook found under rate information on our website (for supplier rate submittals) revised 6/12/2013 to supplier.relations@uinet.com.
    3. Overview tab in the Supplier Rate Input Workbook lists information about submitting new rates, price changes and rate descriptions for  bill print.
    4. If you have any questions please contact us at supplier.relations@uinet.com

Regulatory Testing

    1. Sign 2 service agreement with UI. For service agreement information, please contact supplier.relations@uinet.com.

    2. Email the appropriate information to our Supplier Relations Department at supplier.relations@uinet.com.

    3. Your EDI provider should contact UI for Connectivity testing. A NAESB form needs to be filled out and emailed to EC Infosystems, UI's NAESB provider with a cc to supplier.relations@uinet.com. The NAESB connectivity form can be found here.

    4. It will take at least 10 days to start EDI testing with Electric Suppliers after receiving the required connectivity information.

    5. UI will establish a testing schedule with you after the Connectivity Test has been successfully performed.

      1. UI anticipates that it will take at least 2 weeks to complete Regulatory Testing. Depending on the experience of the parties involved, the duration of testing may vary.

    6. When Regulatory Testing is completed:

      1. UI will send a letter to the appropriate Electric Supplier confirming that they have successfully tested with UI.

      2. The Electric Supplier is eligible to submit enrollment transactions 20 days after receiving the confirmation letter from UI, and satisfying all of the requirements necessary to enroll, i.e. submitting rates, etc..




    1. To Gain access to our secure Supplier Management Website, please below the instructions below: sms.uinet.com
      1. Select "Non-Private List" under the main menu on the SMS web site

                  a. The only report available from the SMS website is the Non-confidential customer list

            2. If you are not able to access the SMS web site please contact our Supplier Relations Department at supplier.relations@uinet.com to register as a Supplier or Aggregator.