Customer Door Hanger (text)


safeguarding our system.
securing your service.
protecting the public.

We need your help as we perform tree work to prevent power outages and protect public safety.

FACT: Trees near power lines caused 90% of power outages after Tropical Storm Irene in 2011.

We need your help as we work in your neighborhood to maintain trees, prevent future outages and protect public safety. Privately owned trees will not be trimmed or removed without the owner’s consent, except when they are in direct contact with an energized conductor or show signs of burning.


  • Please read the enclosed materials. The contractor listed on the form is your contact for additional information.
  • Fill out the form and indicate your response.
  • Put the WHITE copies with your response back in the pocket. Hang this folder on your door.
  • If you object to the proposed tree work, you must send the YELLOW copy to your tree warden or the state DOT commissioner.
  • Keep the PINK copy for your records.

For program information and frequently asked questions, visit