When You Change a Light, You Change the World

  • Replacing a light or fixture in your home with an ENERGY STAR®-labeled lighting product can help to save energy, money, and it helps the environment. Changing just one light in your home is as good for our environment as not driving your car for more than two weeks!
  • You save the most money and energy by using ENERGY STAR lighting in areas where you keep lights on for the longest time periods. CFLs are the less expensive, but LEDs are the most efficient lighting option, last longer and provide the best dimmable solution for your home.
  • ENERGY STAR-labeled fixtures and bulbs provide the same amount of light as incandescent or halogen lighting, while providing true and natural warm color. They also last up to ten times longer and use two-thirds less energy than a standard incandescent bulb.
  • When you change to ENERGY STAR lighting, you give yourself all these benefits: more light, less energy, less heat, lower operating costs, and fewer bulb changes. 

Find out more in our Energy-Efficient Lighting for Your Home Brochure (pdf).

Remember, saving energy prevents pollution, so look for the ENERGY STAR label anywhere light bulbs and fixtures are sold.

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