Budget Billing

We know balancing your budget can be difficult when your utility bill is high one month and low the next. That’s why UI offers Budget Billing for residential customers.

With Budget Billing, UI will bill you for an average monthly electric cost based on your actual use. To make sure your budget stays on track, every six months we’ll compare your Budget Billing Amount with your previous 12 months of actual use. For most customers, there will be no adjustment. However, if your account shows a significant change, we’ll adjust your monthly budget amount. This new charge will then appear on your next month’s bill. 

If you are on Budget Billing and decide to change to a new electric supplier, your budget payment amount will be recalculated and you will be charged a new payment amount based on your past 12 month usage history and your new supplier’s price. If you choose to change electric suppliers multiple times during your budget year, during your regular adjustment month all budget plans will be balanced. When the new budget year takes affect, any differences between your previous budget charges and actual charges accrued will be due. Overpayments will be credited to you immediately, and any monies owed by you must be immediately paid to continue your participation in budget billing.

At the end of each budget year you don’t have to do anything to stay on the plan, we’ll renew it automatically. Customers whose accounts are current qualify for this free service. You can cancel this plan at any time.

Please call 800 7CALL UI (800.722.5584) to get more information about Budget Billing.