Understand Your Usage

Electric usage varies from day to day and month to month, depending upon a variety of factors including your daily habits, the weather, and the time of year. An increase in your electric usage could be caused by a variety of factors:

Winter Weather

Bills may be higher during the winter months, due to both the increased energy requirements for home heating and fewer daylight hours, resulting in increased use of lighting.

Changes in the Weather

Your heating system is the largest energy user in your home. As the weather gets colder the heating system operates longer, increasing your bill. If you use an energy-efficient heat pump, your electric bill will be higher. Be sure to review operating instructions for maximum efficiency.

Malfunctioning Appliances

A sudden spike in energy usage may indicate a repair problem with an appliance, heating system, or water heater. A spike can also be caused by a period of very cold weather in the winter. Don't forget that since billing cycles are about a month long, sometimes it can be a few weeks before the effect of really cold weather will be seen on your bill.

An Empty House

If your home is empty for extended periods of time during the winter, you won't necessarily use less electricity. Your daily activities when you are at home generate a fair amount of heat. When you are gone the lack of activity means your heating system must work harder to keep the house warm.

A Full House

If the number of people living in your home increases, your energy use can go up. More people means more showers, cooking and laundry, which can significantly increase your energy use.

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Helping you understand

When looking at your winter bill, consider these activities that may impact your use of electricity.

  • Additional people in the home (children out of school, guests)
  • Heat pump hot water heater / heat pump
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • New appliance / seasonal appliance
  • Pumping wet basement
  • Electric portable space heaters
  • Heat tapes on pipes, roofs and walkways
  • Home construction

We offer the following to assist with managing your energy bills:

Budget Billing: This program allows you to keep your bill consistent on a monthly basis to avoid seasonal variations. 

Choose a Supplier: Shop around to find the supplier, rate, and terms that suit you best.

Financial Assistance: If you are having difficulty paying your bills there are financial assistance programs that may be able to help