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Innovation is an important pillar in our business, and we are committed to supporting clean, renewable energy programs. Learn about the programs and opportunities available to our customers.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

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Interconnection Process

We have internal operational procedures that we follow in accordance with the Connecticut State Guidelines to energize all distributed generating facilities based on the size of an interconnection.

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Contractor Resources and Training Videos

We offer training videos, forms, and other resources for contractors to learn about our Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find additional information about Distributed Generation, Net Metering, and Net Billing.

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Contact Distributed Generation

Contact us regarding any interconnection inquiries, questions, or concerns that you have.

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Additional Programs and Resources

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Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage Solutions is a new statewide energy storage program designed to help our customers install energy storage at their home or business. Energy storage (i.e. battery storage technology) backup can help customers across Connecticut be more secure in the face of our changing climate.

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Hosting Capacity

The Hosting Capacity tool is designed to check if your proposed residential photovoltaic (PV) system is expected to cause an adverse impact to other customers on the electric distribution system.

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Shared Clean Energy Facility Program

Shared Clean Energy Facility (SCEF) Projects provide locally generated, renewable, low-carbon clean energy. The energy from these clean energy projects will benefit all of us in Connecticut for generations to come. To more directly share the benefit of these new facilities, selected customers will receive a credit on their electric bill as part of the benefits from a local clean energy project.

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Innovative Energy Solutions Program

The Connecticut Innovative Energy Solutions (IES) Program is a statewide initiative through the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority to identify, pilot, and scale innovative ideas that enable a decarbonized, affordable, and equitable electric grid for Connecticut.

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Electric Vehicles

We support technology, such as electric vehicles, as part of our commitment to reduce the impact on Global Climate Change.

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