Energy Education for our Children

Energy Education for our Children

After experiencing the eesmarts™ program, your children will be able to teach you a thing or two about saving energy. UI offers this comprehensive education program free to area schools. It teaches students from kindergarten through middle school about energy and conservation, then empowers them to take action. Curriculum currently available for grades K-8.

To learn all about the eesmarts™ program, go to or call Gio Koch at 877.514.2594.


For Teachers and Community Groups

We're helping today's young people prepare for tomorrow. Our website assists educators with additional resources to supplement classroom instruction. Looking for educational materials on energy-related topics? Check us out!

Join the Power Adventure Team!

Electric Universe

Explore the Electric Universe. With information for everyone, you can find a section tailored to many ages and interests. Learn about electricity and safety at home or in school, gain wise energy use tips while making good choices for the environment and play games!

Teach your students to be safe around electricity. How? Download our safety poster. Make as many copies as you need.

Electricity Safety Posters

There's a full color version for you to display, or a black and white version for children to color. 

  • Watts the Wizard says: Don't be shocked. Be safe around electricity. 
  • Watts the Wizard says: Never fly kites near power lines ... and never climb utility poles or trees that are near power lines. 
  • Never climb near power lines. 

Lightning Safety

The National Severe Storms Laboratory has safety information, photos, stories, teacher tools and a kid's page.

Additional Resources

Want to know more about the power of other energy sources? Here are some links to check out:


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