ENERGY STAR Water Heater Discounts

ENERGY STAR Water Heater Discounts

Water heaters are the second highest source of energy usage in the home. 

ENERGY STAR®- certified heat pump water heaters, high-efficiency natural gas-fired tankless water heaters and condensing storage tanks use less energy than standard water heaters. Some types even reduce water heating costs by up to 50 percent!

Discounts help to make upgrading your water heater even more affordable:

ENERGY STAR certified Heat Pump Water Heaters

Reduce your water heating costs by up to 50 percent and save even more with a $650 discount. Find out more.

ENERGY STAR certified High-Efficiency Natural Gas-Fired Tankless Water Heater

 Say goodbye to your tank water heater and enjoy hot water on demand, up to 30 percent in energy savings, and a $300 instant discount.  Or get a $300 instant discount for a more conventional ENERGY STAR-certified Condensing Storage Tank. Learn more.

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