Find the Best Electric Vehicle Charging Options for Your Business

Find the Best Electric Vehicle Charging Options for Your Business

Destination Level 2 Charging
Workplace & Light-Duty Fleet Level 2 Charging
New Light-Duty Fleet Managed Charging Program
Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUDs) Level 2 Charging
    New Multi-Unit Dwellings Lease Program

Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) (NEW Program Guidelines)

Resources for Your Business

Want to Become an EV Charging Station Installer?

Contact us to learn how to become an EV Charging Station installer and play a key role to support the future of transportation in Connecticut. Find out what the steps are to be an EV Charger Installer.

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EV Charging Station Installations Are Now Easier & More Affordable

The journey to electric, zero-emission transportation is underway, and we want to make it simple and budget-friendly for all. With our Make-Ready Program, businesses can now install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with up to 100% reimbursement of costs for the electrical improvements needed to support EV charging and up to 50% reimbursement of installed electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

To learn more about the Make-Ready program details, download our Program Participation Guide and Underserved Communities and Load Maps to assist with qualifications and incentive details.

Interested in Getting Your Own EV Charging Stations?

EV charging stations can help you stand out as a sustainability leader, attract new visitors, and create a new revenue stream. 

Apply now for up to 100% infrastructure and 50% EVSE equipment incentives.

Click “Apply Now” to go to the easy-to-use application portal.

For help with the portal, download our UI Application Portal User Guide.

FIRST TIME USERS: New users of the portal need to contact for a username and temporary password.

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Be sure your EV Charger qualifies before installing. Click "Download Products List" below for a current list of qualified products.

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Need help with your EV charger project, understanding the process or finding an installer? Contact us for support from an Energy Project Specialist.

Project Support

Business and Municipality Destination Charging

Show off your sustainability and attract new customers.
Adding EV charging stations can increase the amount of time customers spend in your business and may even serve as a new revenue stream.

Apply now for up to 100% infrastructure and 50% EVSE equipment incentives.

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Workplace and Fleet Charging

Stand out as a sustainability leader.

Not only is electric vehicle charging a valuable perk for your employees and for helping you attract and retain top talent, you can also earn incentives for following an optimal charging schedule while enabling your employees to leave work with adequate charge.

For more information on incentives, equipment eligibility, and participant performance requirements, download our Program Participation Guide.

Apply now for up to 100% infrastructure and 50% EVSE equipment incentives.

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Beginning April 1, 2023, light-duty fleets owner/operators may earn additional, on-going incentives by participating in our new Light-Duty Fleet Managed Charging Program.

To learn more about the program and if you qualify for incentives download our Light-Duty Fleet Managed Charging Participation Guide or email

Developers and Multi-Unit Dwellings

Meet growing demand for EV charging and save.
The majority of EV charging is done at home. Is your apartment community ready? Increase property values and tenant retention rates by installing EV charging stations through the Make-Ready Program.

Apply now for up to 100% infrastructure and 50% EVSE equipment incentives.

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We are now offering a new Level 2 EVSE lease program specifically designed for multi-unit dwellings with 5 or more units. This program allows MUD developers and owners to commission and install EVSE without the initial capital costs. This TURN-KEY solution includes the cost of equipment, design, installation, operation and maintenance of EVSE installed at your location. Site owner will be billed a fixed amount on a monthly basis with no up-front cost.

To learn more about the program and whether you qualify, download our Lease Program Participation Guide or request more information by filling out our downloadable form. Our lease partner will reach out to you to answer any questions and design your install if interested.

Commercial Direct Current Fast Charging

Do you need the fastest charging equipment and supporting infrastructure to meet your and your client's needs?

Car dealers and fueling stations are making the change while additional infrastructure funds may be available to offset the higher costs for this convenience.

DCFC Applications will be accepted from March 15th through July 1st, at which time all applications will be scored on new criteria. The new criteria are outlined in our updated Make Ready Participation Guide.  All applications will be scored on these new criteria and eligible incentives will be awarded to those projects with the highest scores. Previously waitlisted DCFC applicants will be required to submit a new application.

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Fleet Assessment Service

Considering EVs for your fleet? We can help with our Fleet Assessment Services.

By providing site feasibility, rate analysis, estimated billing impacts and charging recommendations, we will assist you with making informed decisions when transitioning your commercial fleet to electric vehicles.

If you have plans to install chargers for a light-duty electric fleet and would like a fleet assessment, please fill out an application:

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Need more information? Request to be contacted by an energy project specialist.

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EV Charging Rate Options for Businesses

We are offering Electrical Vehicle rates for business (commercial and industrial) customers with separately metered electric vehicle charging stations. Our EV rates are based on the non-demand metered option of two existing rate schedules, Rate General Service (GS) and Rate General Service Time-of-Use (GST). If you’re interested, our rate Pricing page has full descriptions of available rate options. We have made these rates available on a temporary basis to provide immediate relief from Demand Charges for EV charging stations at the direction of the Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA).

Beginning on January 1, 2024, we will offer new, permanent rates based on the utilization rate of EV charging stations at the direction of PURA. These new rates will replace the existing temporary rates and will be available to all commercial and industrial customers with separately metered DCFC stations and light-duty fleets with installations of four or more networked Level 2 chargers that are enrolled in a managed charging program. Please check back for more information on these new rates.

To update or make changes to your rates to support your new separately metered electric vehicle chargers contact our call center 800.722.5584.

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