InstallUpgrade Service

Install/Upgrade Service

Service Location Requests

Need to replace, increase, remove, or create a new temporary or permanent electrical service? If you are a contractor/owner, please complete our Service Location Request online form, or contact UI Customer Care by phone.

If this service request is for Net Energy Metering, please complete a Net Energy Meter Request online form.

A UI job number will be assigned and this number is required to obtain a release from the authority having jurisdiction.

Note: Before UI can schedule or energize any new or revamped service, the authority having jurisdiction must approve the construction and the acceptance of such construction must be posted in UI’s system.


Guidebook of Requirements

The 2017 Guidebook of Requirements provides a cursory view of the approved policies and procedures of UI and is intended for use by our customers, electrical contractors, consulting engineers, architects, and electrical inspectors. We present this Guidebook in an effort to acquaint you with the various types of electric services that are offered by UI and to help you determine which is best suited for your individual needs.

Guidebook of Requirements for Electric Service (PDF)


Electric Meter Below Base Flood Elevation

Please complete the form below, and have your Building/Zoning Official sign, if you are requesting an electric meter be installed below the base flood elevation. Submitt the completed form to the appropriate utility prior to starting any service work.

Request to Install Electric Meter Below Base Flood Elevation  (PDF)

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