Account Alerts

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Now you have an easy way to stay informed about your account! You can choose which alerts you want to receive, just text REG to 78418 to register. Registration requires your 14-digit account number.

Payment Alerts Delinquent Balance Alerts Matching Payment Program and Bill Forgiveness Program Alerts
If you’d like a text notification when your payment posts, simply text REG to 78418 to sign up for our payment alerts. If you'd like a text notification when your account balance is past due, simply text REG to 78418 for our delinquent balance alerts for residential customers. Stay on track and informed of important milestones such as enrollment confirmations, payment reminders, when a matching payment is applied to your account, and more! Simply text REG to 78418 for our NEW Financial Assistance Alerts for residential customers.

Once you sign up

  • The first time you add a cell phone number, you’ll receive a text message to confirm your enrollment. Save this number to your contacts as “UI Alerts” for quick access.
  • You can stop receiving alerts at any time by texting STOP.
  • We do not charge for text messages; however, your wireless carrier may charge for text messaging and data rates. Check with your wireless carrier for details.

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