Chapel Street MGP

The Site is the location of an old plant that operated from the 1860s to 1960.

The plant, which is no longer present, made (manufactured) gas from coal and oil for use in street lighting and fuel for homes and businesses. The "Site" is located at 347 Chapel Street and 259 East Street in the City of New Haven, and is bound by Chapel Street to the South, the Mill River to the east, a parcel owned by others to the North, and East Street to the West.

The MGP operated for about 100 years supplying gas for the City of New Haven and surrounding area from 1861 until the mid-1960’s, when natural gas became available in the New Haven area and replaced the need for manufactured gas. The MGP was operated by the New Haven Gas Light Company, which was a predecessor company to the Southern Connecticut Gas Company (SCG).


Before construction of the MGP, the eastern portion of the Site along the Mill River was a tidal marsh. Beginning in the mid to late 1800s, as industrial activity expanded in New Haven, the waterfront became a center of industrial activity. Fill was placed in lower areas to create waterfront land to facilitate access for shipping to provide raw materials and the ability to export products for sale.

When the MGP was no longer needed the plant was decommissioned and buildings and equipment were removed beginning in the mid-1960s. Three buildings remained and were used by SCG from approximately 1967 until 1994 as an operations center and maintenance facility. In 1998 the Site was leased and has since been used by other parties for storing bulk materials, salt storage, storing and distributing steel billets & bulk steel.




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