Customer Tree Work Response Form (text)


The United Illuminating Company
100 Marsh Hill Road, Orange, CT 06477



Today’s Date:  ________________________________________________

My Name: ___________________________________________________

My Company: ________________________________________________

My Phone Number: ____________________________________________

I am a work planner under contract with The United Illuminating Company to perform tree work that can help to reduce threats to the power lines that serve your property and neighborhood.

I am seeking consent of the property owner to perform the work detailed below. There is no charge to you for this work. Please review this form, and then consult with me at the phone number listed above. You also may respond by filling out the right side of this form.

We propose the following tree work on or around _____________ (date):

_____ Pruning or removal of large and small tree branches to obtain a Utility Protection Zone around electrical conductors.

_____ Removal of brush (small, unplanted trees up to 6 inches in trunk diameter at chest height).

_____ Tree removal is required; please contact me for a consultation.

Brush will be chipped.

Bulk wood will be:         _____left on site                     _____removed from site

Property Address: _____________________________________________

Description of work: ___________________________________________







If you object or request a modification, you have 10 business days to notify:
_____local tree warden _____state DOT commissioner

Name: ___________________________ Phone: _____________________


CUSTOMER RESPONSE (to be completed by customer)

I OWN the property listed on the left side of this form and I:

_____ CONSENT to the proposed tree work, as detailed.

_____ OBJECT to the proposed tree work, as detailed.

_____ REQUEST A MODIFICATION of proposed tree work, as detailed.

I DO NOT OWN the property listed. The property’s owner is:

NAME______________________________________        PHONE_______________

STREET ADDRESS ____________________________________________________

CITY_____________ STATE_________ ZIP____________


INSTRUCTIONS: You may contact the work planner listed to discuss any planned work. If you have questions or concerns, you may also send an e-mail to

  • Complete the form and detach the two WHITE sheets. Insert them into the pocket of the door hanger and return it to the outside door to be collected. Keep the PINK sheet for your records.
  • If you Object or Request a Modification, you must send the YELLOW copy to the local tree warden or state DOT commissioner listed. You may also send an e-mail to

Connecticut law requires us to notify you of any tree work that is planned. We ask for your consent so we may maintain safe, reliable electric service to you and your neighborhood.

You also have the right to object or request a modification of the proposed work. If you do so, you must submit your written objection to the local tree warden or CT DOT commissioner, as applicable, within 10 business days. (The completed YELLOW copy of this form will suffice.) That person will review the request and issue a decision within 10 business days. Either the property owner or UI may appeal that decision, within 10 business days, and request that the Connecticut Public Utilities Authority hold mediation or a hearing.

Trees located entirely on private property will not be pruned or cut without written consent from the property owner, except where there are wires in contact with limbs or signs of burning. UI does not bill customers for damage to its system caused by storms or similar events.


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