High Efficiency Natural Gas Hot Water Instant Discounts

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Instant Discount Program


You can cut the cost of heating the water in your home by replacing your old inefficient water heating system with new energy-efficient equipment.  The Energy Efficiency Fund, an Energize CT partner, in association with UI, offers instant discounts* for replacing or installing new water heaters. You may qualify for the following:


Minimum Efficiency Levels - Instant Discount Schedule

Eligible Equipment Type and Minimum Efficiency for Instant Discount Instant
Discount 1
ENERGY STAR certified Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater (.92 UEFor greater) $300
ENERGY STAR certified with Thermal Efficiency (TE3) of 94% or greater $300

1 Instant discount per unit
2 UEF – Uniform Energy Factor
3 TE – Thermal Efficiency


All installations must be completed by a licensed contractor and/or plumber to qualify for the instant discount.  Visit the CT Department of Consumer Protection Online License Verification website for a list of licensed contractors.


*Instant Distributor Discounts Now Available:

  • HVAC equipment distributors can now automatically apply the Energize CT instant discount to the price they charge your contractor for qualified equipment.
  • Multiple instant discounts for the same unit (equipment serial number) will not be accepted.
  • Licensed installation contractors can purchase qualified high-efficiency equipment that receives the instant discount at participating distributors found on EnergizeCT.com.
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