Historical Usage Requests

Third Party Entities requesting Customer Historical Usage via 867 EDI Historical Use transactions

CT DPUC Docket No. 07-01-21, DPUC Declaratory Ruling Re: Release of Customer Information Pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. 16-245o, clarified several issues regarding the release of customer data to suppliers.


Notice to Third Party Entities requesting Customer Historical Usage (entities not requesting data via 867 EDI Historical Use transctions)

The United Illuminating Company requires a fully completed ORIGINAL customer signed release form to be in its possession before it will release customer historical usage to a third party.  The form can be mailed or delivered to the Company via USPS or by FEDEX or UPS to:

Supplier Relations 1-16F | The United Illuminating Company | 157 Church Street |New Haven, CT 06506

To help expedite your requests, we can begin to assemble your data requests from an email request sent to supplier.relations@uinet.com in advance of receipt of the original customer signed release form. 

You may use your own version of a release form, however, it must contain at minimum all items included on the Company’s Historical Usage Information Release for use by Third Party Consultants.


Historical Usage Requests - Additional Information and Forms

From DPUC.state.ct.us:

Sample manual request files

Sample files of:


Release Form for Third Party Entities (Please note that if this form is not used your proprietary form must at minimum include all information on this UI version and it must be fully completed.)

Nodo: liferay-1:8080