Safety and Security

Add Safety and Security to Your Business

Outdoor lighting means safety and security. When your property is well lit, customers, tenants and employees feel more at ease. And you will too, knowing you've mitigated the chances of accidental slips and falls.


How it Works

We will evaluate your current property lighting, then suggest solutions to maximize the quality and effectiveness of your outdoor lighting. There are no up-front costs. If you choose to participate in UI’s Outdoor Lighting program, you only pay one low monthly fee, averaging about $45. This monthly fee includes the high quality fixture, all electricity costs, professional installation, free lifetime maintenance and unlimited replacement bulbs.


Your Choice of Lighting

We offer many  lighting solutions  that add security and safety to your property and can beautify at the same time. Each type of lighting offers specific benefits and vary in price.

Accessories such as flagpoles, GFIs and banner arms are available and may be purchased for a select number of lighting solutions. Your lighting can also be controlled by photocells, which will operate lights from dusk until dawn or with a photocell timer to reduce light levels during inactive periods.


How We Work

Our outdoor lighting specialists know exactly the most effective and efficient outdoor way to illuminate your outdoor spaces, taking into consideration your specific property needs, building codes and budget.

When we evaluate your current lighting situation, we will discuss what aspects of lighting are important to you to provide an optimal solution. We do our best to recommend and install lighting that is environmentally friendly.


How to Get Started

Just call UI at 866 99 LITES (866.995.4837). It's that easy!

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