Public Disclosure

Public Disclosure

The United Illuminating Company
Standard Service and Last Resort Service
Disclosure of Bidding Data per Docket No. 06-01-08RE02


The DPUC’s August 20, 2008 decision in Docket No. 06-01-08RE02 requires that UI make certain public disclosures after RFPs are conducted for Standard Service and Last Resort Service.

Per the decision, two weeks after procurement approval UI will publicly file the cumulative percentage of load that has been awarded for each service term covered under the most recent RFP. Additionally, for service terms that are 100% filled, UI will publicly file a list of suppliers for that service term. In addition to filing this information with the DPUC, UI has posted it at the link below. 

Disclosure of Winning Bidders and Percentage of Load Requirements Filled

Standard Service CT State Load Estimate - 1 17 2017


Ninety days after the bidding deadline, UI will publicly file copies of bid sheets received, with the identification of bidders redacted. In addition to filing these bid sheets with the DPUC, UI has posted them at the links below.  

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